I can focus on other things in my life, safe in the knowledge that Cottonfield is taking care of everything."

Former entrepreneur, 78

Impressive performance, even in challenging times."

Investor, 68

In Cottonfield we have a prudent and indispensable partner by our side, helping us with the orderly transfer of our family’s wealth to the next generation."

Family of entrepreneurs

My job as a CEO is challenging enough without having to handle all the complexities of my finances as well. Cottonfield provides me the professional guidance I need to take decisions and also helped me through my transfer abroad."

CEO, 46


Reliable support

For freedom, security and top solutions – intergenerational, comprehensive and structured.



Your personal CFO™

We are a family office that entrepreneurial families, senior managers, and private individuals can rely on for advice and support. We have great respect for what you have achieved, and we offer dedication, many years of professional experience, and the long-term view you need. We think and act independently and represent only the interests of our clients. We understand the vital importance of efficient risk management, transparency, reliability, and integrity.



Dynamic solutions

Crafted by dedicated professionals with ideas you can trust.
Services that deliver, satisfaction that lasts.

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Your trusted Advisor in Wealth Management

COTTONFIELD. We are an independent Wealth Manager. And we are more. This is why we call ourselves «Family Office». We manage and organize (family-)wealth. Everything that deals with money, investments  and people. This we do with great respect for the wealth created, with in-depth professional experience, and the long-term view needed. We are independent in our thinking and in our actions. It is the interests of our clients, only, that we represent. Risk management, transparency, reliability and integrity are an integral part of our business values.ice Cottonfield - Your trusted advisor